Seniors Can't Wait Any Longer

September 27, 2019

Helping Our Seniors – We Will All Be One Someday

Today I met a single 64 year old lady who, when she turns 65 in March, will lose $400/m as her current income source will change to old age and disability pension.

Without TV, internet or phone, after her rent, she’ll have less than $400/m to pay her bills and feed herself. She will have this $400 as she moved from her apartment in Stratford, which her rents were quickly climbing above what her income is in preparation for next year.(Landlords are renovating, hence 90 days to get out)

Our seniors deserve better. Helping seniors is economically beneficial to all Canadians. I’ll bring forward your questions to Ottawa when elected and try to work with our provincial counterparts to come up with a solution.

The current system is based on two pensions. Unfortunately, not all have this luxury. Seniors suffer daily with sore teeth, lack of necessities & services and in search of a way to pay the bills.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. 10 years of neglecting the trends to accommodate skyrocketing cost of living increases in comparison to pensions will take time to fix. I’m not going to promise to fix it overnight as, that would be a lie! I do promise to start working on it the day after we get in!